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Performance has a different meaning to each individual.  It also has scalability and direction that differs based on the platform.  Below is an overview of technologies and platforms that we work with daily and have years of experience with.  If you would like more information, please fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you and get your project moving.

Custom Performance Solutions

Just like it says…Custom.  At LASC, we do things a little different.  Each car and each owner is different.  Each have their own needs, idiosyncrasies, and desires.  Each will respond differently to varying modifications.  For this reason specifically, we custom tailor each solution to each individual car and owner.

We first consult with the owner about what it is specifically that they hope to get when all work is done.  What is the end game?  Even if that end game is a year or more down the road.  How will you drive your car?  Where will you drive it and how much or how often?

Once we have this extremely important conversation, we work on a build outline with various options, where options are available of course, and discuss them with you, our customer.  It is our number 1 goal to educate you on your decisions and the technology.  We want you to make the decision when necessary of which way to go for a specific solution.

Nothing feels better than going through this process and having a car built to your specifications, and then being able to talk about it with great knowledge to backup your decisions and know truly what you have and why.  Very few companies do this today and you end up relying on Forums and Facebook to make your decisions, and they aren’t always right or appropriate…which leads many to doing things more than once and wasting time and money.

We won’t let you do that!

Once the build has been outlined, we plan all phases and install and test and you are on your way, happy, and done right the first time!  We attempt to exceed expectation in every project, no matter the size.

Superchargers and Turbo Systems

There are many choices out there!  There is good reason for that!  Not everyone likes or wants the same thing, the same sound, or the same power level or daily driving experience.  We’re here to help!

Whether you are a positive displacement or centrifugal supercharger fan, there are many options and power levels available to you.

For Turbo systems – maybe you want a single turbo or twin setup.  We can handle all of it and explain what is best for your needs.

In any event, we often see customers who come in for Superchargers ending up with Turbos and vice-versa.  Once you know what the difference is, based on your needs, that decision becomes much more clear.  Again, its our job to help you make that decision.

Intakes – Exhaust – Fuel Systems

From cold air intakes to intake manifolds, custom exhaust or out of the box, to fuel systems…are all key to making your performance solution a safe and efficient and long lasting.  For many, these bolt-ons are the basic to any performance solution’s success.

We do it all!

Track Brakes and Suspension

Stopping and turning…just a little important!

Depending on where you are driving, you may need or want better stopping power and better control during aggressive driving – whether that be in a straight line or through the curves.  Adding more power changes the dynamics of vehicle handling and braking and often require upgrades in both areas, depending on power level and the type of driving.

If you are building the car mainly for show and cruising, you can likely get away with not doing these upgrades, unless cosmetically driven of course.  But if you drive canyons, occasional drag racing or 1/2 or 1/2 mile attacks, or road racing events…you better make sure the car can handle the requirements and brake for safety and turns reliably.

We do that too!

Tuning Services

This makes it all come together.  The glue and nails to the project.  If your car isn’t tuned to work specifically with any of your modification properly, your doing nothing but wasting money.

We work with most major companies and known tuners to give you the best solution for your combined modifications.  Feel free to ask us for more information so you are aware of what the complete package requires.

Body Kits and Carbon Fiber

Whats the use of going fast if you don’t look good while doing it!

Well, thats not the only reason for body kits and carbon fiber.  Yes they do look great and there are many options out there, but they can be very functional parts of a vehicle design.  Factory vehicles have different levels of these kits and materials to save weight, increase structural strength and rigidity, increase aerodynamics, and improve safety as well.

The aftermarket has given us so many more ways to customize a car now than ever before.  Better materials, stronger materials, and some awesome looks!  The functionality of a rear spoiler or wing to increase downforce at the rear of the car for traction and handling, to integrating canards in the front bumpers to do the same up front, allow the driver to push the car past its factory intentions with additional control and traction…and it all looks great too!

Some of these kits are mild or for show, more than function.  Others are purely function based and far more wild in design.  Not taking this important piece of the puzzle into consideration with almost any build is like forgetting to put tires on your wheel and expecting to drive like normal.

So, this one…we don’t forget about, and often its one of the first things done on a vehicle.

Wheels and Tires

Ahhh…nothing like a beautiful set of fat wheels and tires to tell the world you have power to tame!

Wheels and tires are the most important pieces when it comes to drivability and safety and traction.  Not all wheels are made the same, not all are great or even good quality.  The importance above all is strength, then weight, then dimensions required for the need.

Purpose built wheels are specifically designed with all three of the above in mind.  For instance drag racing wheels – usually staggered nice and wide in back where a big footprint is needed for traction and nice and skinny ones in front to reduce rolling resistance and drag.   Whereas road racing would favor a wide set that is squared – meaning the wheels and tires are all the same size to get the optimal footprint at all four corners.

Many wheels are just for show as well as performance need.  Most wouldn’t buy 18 or 24 carat gold wheels for performance needs, but for a show they could be just what the Dr ordered.  There are literally millions of colors to chose from, different ways of applying color to the wheels, and some that are simply the raw metal polished and left to look its best just as it was born or conceived from its CNC machine or forging processes!

Our most popular tire brands we work with…and more!

Wheels manufacturers we work with…and more!

Vinyl Wraps and Stickers

Vinyl is used for many reasons these days.  First and foremost, for advertising, then for looks and style.

Advertising comes in many forms for a vehicle.  Whether it be your local plumber or electrician or public transportation or even a show car; all cases point to making money and spreading the word about a business or opportunity.

Vinyl is much cheaper than paint and can be changed easily too.  The trend of wrapping cars has made its way solid since roughly 2010 into the mainstream and new technologies, product choices and colors, textures, patterns, and whole car scenes are the rage.  All done in a matter of hours in most cases versus days or weeks in a paint shop, and a fraction of the price, with long lasting viability too.

and you guessed it…we do that too!

Paint Correction Services

It all in the details!

Factory paint on most cars leaves a lot to be desired in quality and shine.  The depth and reflection quality that a professional can put into that paint is mostly never there unless you spend a bunch of money on that car…an many exotics are just as bad.

So, whats to bad anyway?

Orange peel finish is the shine killer.  This occurs naturally as paint dries slowly and it ends up with a finish similar to orange…kind of textured and bumpy.  If you look at the reflection of a street light the hood or fender of your car and then again on one of your windows, the difference is blatantly obvious.

Also, bad car washing practices and car washes themselves, leave swirls and scratches on your car when it is washed because of dirt and poor quality towels, and poor process.

All of these ailments are correctable.  Some 100%, some only 50%, and yes, some even less.  No matter what, you usually end up with much better that you started with, unless your paint job is perfect already.

Our professionals have decades of experience in making the most out of the paint that your car has.   From expert polishing and paint sealing, and wet/color sanding and full buffing stages, we can make that ride truly stand out and look its best for a long time.