Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does LASC get a project started?

A:  We start with a discussion of goals…your goals.  We gain to understand exactly what you want and expect from your car in the long run.  Then we design a plan to get there.  Once we agree on a path and timeline, we get started.

Q:  If already know what I want, do we still need to have a planning discussion?

A:  Yes, for several reasons.  Most customers make their choices based on what others do.  They learn from forums and other discussions, not typically with professionals.  We like to make sure you know exactly what you are buying into, why, and then make sure you can talk about it afterwards intelligently.  This doesn’t mean that what you want isn’t exactly what you end up with, but knowing the choices and why to make them, gives you a much more satisfying result.

Q:  How long does it take to have this discussion?

A:  Typically planning discussion take about an hour, sometimes less, sometimes several hours more.  It depends on what you already know, already have in mind, and what you need or want to learn as well.  We don’t rush into any solution with a customer until they are 100% confident in what the expectation is and will be.

Q:  Do you charge for this planning discussion?

A:  As a general rule, yes.  The fee varies depending on the overall solution a customer is looking for.  From a few hundred dollars and up.  For small bolt on projects like an intake or exhaust, for example, we do not charge for that.  When it comes to spending lots of time planning a forced induction solution, that’s another story.

Q:  Do I have to buy parts from you?  Do you just sell parts?

A:  Our preferred model is to not be a parts distributor.  We’d rather install the parts we sell.  We will install parts you buy elsewhere, as long as we can have that discussion on what the best solution is for your needs.  Every customer is treated differently and at the highest level.  We don’t have set packages, power packages, etc.  Every customer is treated as a custom installation and project ensuring the best customer satisfaction we can provide.

Q:  What are your labor rates?

A:  Our general rate is $135/hr and we charge on a time and materials basis.  Sometimes we can fix price a project, sometimes not, it all depends on what is actually being done.  We typically have a 2-hour minimum, but that is negotiable as well.  As an example, we can’t and wont charge 2 hours for a typical cold air intake thats takes an hour or less to install, but if there is a tune and other needs, thats could change.

Q:  Are your prices for parts competitive?

A:  Yes, we are competitive, but don’t always expect us to be the cheapest.  As noted earlier, we are not designed to be a volume parts distributor, so its difficult sometimes to match or beat a price you may find elsewhere, and that;’s ok with us.  We give you the option to purchase parts for your project from us, or on your own.  When we quote a project, it is assumed parts and labor, and labor rates are typically adjusted to keep competitive as well.  Its harder to do that when we are only providing labor services.

More FAQ’s coming soon…send us an email with your questions or call, and we can always add them as needed here too!