Welcome to LA Street Cars – First Post!

Welcome to LA Street Cars – First Post!

Our Approach To Custom Car Building

Hello all!  This is the first BLOG post of LA Street Cars and I wanted to welcome you to our website and services.

LA Street Cars is the Motorsports division of PK Auto Design (PKAD) (www.pkautodesign.com).  PKAD specializes in vehicle appearance from custom wheels and tire packages for American Muscle, European, and Exotic specialty needs, to body kits, wraps and vinyl.  LA Street Cars is focused on performance upgrades to these cars, specializing in American Muscle and European applications.

At LA Street Cars, we focus on the customer experience for the long-term.  We want to build your dreams when it comes to your prized automotive possessions, so you can really get the car you wanted, versus the one that the manufacturer built for the masses.  We take into consideration how you expect to drive your car, whether it be a daily driver, weekend project and hobby car, cruiser, show car, or race car.

LA Street Cars takes a consultative approach to providing solutions that fit your needs and we expect to exceed expectations at all levels.  Our approach allows us to fully understand your needs and desires and translate them into real life usability.  Our focus is for performance with a lasting attitude.  We expect, as our customers do, that what we build will last, with minimal general maintenance, versus constant maintenance and repair.  We want you to enjoy your car every day, weekend, event, show and race…whatever your desire, we can build you a solution to fit.

Another focus we have is education.  We like our customers to be able to fully understand their options and choose their end game solution.  Sometimes that solution is suspension modifications, forced induction, appearance, and many times and combination of some or all.  We teach our customers as much about the technology options they have so they can also talk about them when they go to shows, post on forums, and in all reality, brag about what they have helped build.

It’s no fun showing a car, or being asked questions about your build, that you can’t answer intelligently or correctly.  This is where the fine line of having a car that is built for you, versus building it yourself.  The old adage of “is it bought or built” is one many of us fight with.  Some think every car is “bought” if you physically did not do the build yourself…we disagree.  If you buy a car that is already built, without your say in the process…then yes, that is a “bought” car.  If you have intimate knowledge of the build, made the decisions of what and how to build it, but have a shop do that build for you, then we consider that a “built” car.  Your hands do not have to get dirty, and at the same time, you can have all the knowledge of the solution without knowing how to actually install the components that ultimately make your dream car come true.

At LA Street Cars, we build your dreams come true!

We look forward to talking to you soon!  Feel free to email us at info@lastreetcars.com to get started or call us at (818) 408-6989.  Fell free to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages as well simply @lastreetcars or @pkautodesign