Build Your Car The Way You Want It

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This article is part of a series of posts that will be done over the next few weeks outlining what it takes to build your car, the way you want it, so you get what you expect.  This goes into more detail about our philosophy of consulting a build, guiding, and teaching our customers.  It is very important to us at LA Street Cars that our customers know about any modifications they are buying or interested in, well before they make a decision.  Sometimes the discussion is a few minutes and others several hours or longer; it all depends on what the result is going to be.

We pride ourselves in building reliable performance built and modified vehicles that can be driven daily, reliably.  Of course we also built track purposed vehicles, and this series of posts will deal with all the options and how they affect any decision for a long-term plan for your build.

Now, for this first part of the series, I want to outline a little about what a “build” is.  A build to us, is anything you are doing to change your vehicle from stock to anything aftermarket.  From wheels and tires, to intakes and exhaust, to suspension and other performance modifications such as forced induction, and even paint correction.

Some may wonder why we deal with small things like wheels and tires or a paint correction as a project.  Simply put, every done has a result or reaction somewhere else on the vehicle.  Any of the vehicle systems could have impact and possibly need to be planned for in some way.  For wheel and tires, as an example, the right combination can either benefit or hurt performance versus just add to the looks of the car, depending on how the vehicle is being driven.  For a paint correction, the “customer” will need to know how to take care of the car going forward to maintain its new pristine look for years to come.  If we go to performance modifications, other systems like fuel, brakes, suspension, tires and wheels, and even driver training and awareness need to take place.  Additionally, if the car is for show, versus a daily driver, versus track car, coatings and sealants will take a major part in the solution.

As easy as some modifications and customizations may seem, there are always considerations to be made and understood by all involved.  We don’t like surprises…and we surely know that you don’t either, so we work on making sure we plan for hindsight when possible.

We don’t believe in “should”.  As in, we should have, or you should have, and what if we did this instead….after the fact.

This is what makes us different!


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