We Love LA’s Street Cars!

At LA Street Cars, we simply love American Muscle!  We drive American Muscle, and we build American Muscle.

We specialize in building and improving and upgrading your dream.  We all love our cars, and we all want them to look, feel, drive, and perform a certain way.

Our philosophy is that WE PAID FOR IT, WE WANT IT OUR WAY!

What does this mean, really?

We are consultants, first and foremost!

Not everyone is happy with their muscle car as it came from the factory.  We never have been.  We always see the manufacturers version of the car as a starting place for something REAL and EXCITING to be UNLEASHED!

Whether it be wheels and tires, body kits, carbon fiber, suspension, exhaust systems, custom paint correction, vinyl and wraps, or performance improvements, we do it all.

Take a look at our Services section for information about all of these options and how our approach fits your needs.

What is our approach?  Awesome question!

Our approach is really pretty simple…give you what you want, the right way, the first time.  We take things at a consultative level first.  We get to know you, what excites you about your specific car, how you will drive it and where, what you ultimately want in the end, and then we plan the whole process out.

This is true for simple items like intakes, exhaust, splitters, and other seemingly easy desires you have, but if they don’t fit the overall plan, then we need to do other things, or look into other options.

The biggest part of our approach is educating you on what you want and why.  We never “sell” what we have on the shelf as a priority.  Why?  Because we don’t stock anything on our shelves.  We custom order everything.  Again, we want to build what you want, not what we would build for ourselves…its not OUR CAR!

With this in mind, we also won’t build something that doesn’t make sense, won’t work well, or will be something that is unreliable or not safe.  You don’t want a car that will break down, leak, creak, fall apart, and be a headache when all is said and done.

We want you to drive away in your dream car!