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It's all about the passion for cars in general.  But for the bulk of the last 30 years, its been about making cars the way the owner truly wants and dreams of their car being.  Auto customizing seems like a lost art to many, but after 30 years, we're still here and doing it every day. 

We are:

Automobile performance in Los Angeles and Automobile customizing in Los Angeles.   We also perform car tuning on most models.

Not everyone likes their car the way the manufacturer originally designed them.   Some want better paint quality, nicer wheels and tires, better audio quality, more comfortable upholstery, more performance, or a combination of it all.  Most don't know where to start, how to start, where to go and what to actually buy, and that's where we come in.


We help you get there!

What We Do

We are consultants for automotive customization.  From general information to full builds, we do it all, or help you find who can do it for you reliably.

Getting the right combination of parts and services for your desires are the most important.  Because we don't sell anything but our time, we will only give you recommendations on the best solutions that truly fit your desires for the short, mid and long terms, versus what we can make money on selling you.  Don't get caught with a what's on someone's shelf or needed for sales requirements...

get the solution specifically tailored to your desires.

We take the time to learn everything about you and what you want in building your car, so when its completed, it exceeds your expectations and dreams.

  Come let us help build your dreams come true!

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We are a virtual company that travels in local SoCal!

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