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LA StreetCars is simply a car enthusiast group.  an Instagram and Facebook and Twitter Social Media group that loves cars, goes to shows and car meets, and treats our automotive community with respect.  We are NOT ripping the streets apart with hooning, revving, burnouts, or other enthusiast community wreckers...that's not us..never has been, never will be.

It's all about the passion for cars in general.  We love to work on our group members cars, and new friends cars too.  We have years of experience but are no longer professional mechanics with shops etc.  We are the ultimate in backyard mechanics with great resources and capabilities.

Just get in touch with us below - let's chat or meet up...and you'll get the idea!


What We Do

We are consultants for automotive customization.  From general information to full builds, we do it all, or help you find who can do it for you reliably.

Getting the right combination of parts and services for your desires are the most important. 

We educate you about what is available and how it all works so you can make an educated decision about how we can make the car of your dreams.

 Don't get caught with a what's on someone's shelf or needed for sales requirements...

get the solution specifically tailored to your desires.

We take the time to learn everything about you and what you want in building your car, so when it's completed, it exceeds your expectations.

  Come let us help build your dreams come true!

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We are a virtual company that travels in local SoCal!

Please contact us via one of our social media links below or 

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Chatsworth, California 91311, United State